Welcome to our Partner Program!

Become a partner with GolfCritique.com! We are so excited that you want to start earning more revenue for your golf business! By becoming a partner with us you will now have the ability to sell more rack rate rounds, more lessons and/or more stay & play packages.  Simply by adding perks you will attract more golfers, increase your golfer database, unlock an exclusive FREE marketing channel and most importantly earn a lot more revenue!

The greatest thing is…..there is absolutely no cost to you! Just simply place a couple special Perks on your page that can only be claimed by our premium members and and we’ll market those to your entire customer base!  When they join our platform as a premium member we will pay you for helping us grow the game the right way!

Don’t worry……..you retain all round & perk revenue!  We DO NOT believe in barter, commission splits or monthly fees!

We understand that no one likes to discount rounds, but our system is different and gives you back control!  Your perks are fully customizable, use them to promote any aspect of your facility that you like, greens fees, pro shop merch, range balls, cart fees, even in your restaurant!

When you list great perks, you entice the golfer to sign up!  When they do, you collect their information and they are locked into you for the life of their membership! When the golfers in your database join as a premium member we will pay you every month for the life of each member!   This will easily offset the perks and earn additional revenue for you. Even if they sign up for free they are still your customer and then we go to work for you to get them to join as a premium member!

This is truly a partnership that is 100% FREE even with perks with the ability to add additional revenue above rack rate!!

We are truly the best search engine in golf!


Joining today will…

  • Connect your “Book Now” link directly back to your courses booking engine on your website.
  • Unlock “Tee It Up Perks” giving you the ability to attract more golfers to your page.
  • Unlock key marketing analytics to help grow your business.
  • Access to your member database for golfers who join through your page.
  • Unlock QR Code generator to easily post at your facility to drive more traffic to your page.
  • Contributor access to add content to GolfHub in the form of Blogs, Videos and/or Podcasts for free!

But it Gets Better……

When you become a partner, you unlock the potential to have unlimited revenue earnings!  When you generate your QR CODE, that code is locked to only direct traffic to your page on our site, nowhere else!  So when you post it at your facility and golfers scan it, it will drive traffic to your page!

Why is that important……

Every golfer you bring to your page through your QR Code that becomes a member is linked to you for the life of their membership.  This means that The Golf Critique will now pay YOU $1/member/month for the life of the membership! Not only that, the more golfers you send to us, the more you earn year after year after year, it never stops growing!  This could mean big revenue for you and your club 12 months a year!



  • 10,000 golfers become subscribers through your page over the next 3 years
  • You make $1/premium subscriber/month
  • Total payout in year 3: $120,000 

In addition……

Our program is completely free!  Yes Free! There are no monthly costs, no round revenue splits, no barter!  You keep 100% of all round revenue and 100% of all Tee it up Perks & Offer revenue after discount provided.  Plus you earn additional membership revenue!

So what are you waiting, review and accept Terms & Conditions today and click “Become Partner” and watch your revenue grow!