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David has been a PGA of Canada Professional for over twenty years. Throughout the various stages of his career, he has gained experience at some of the finest golf clubs in the Greater Toronto Area. He has had the opportunity to work with world-class golf professionals, top coaches and instructors. He is a Board member of the Canadian Junior Golf Association and is very active in developing junior golf in this country.  David also played competitive golf at the University of Akron in Ohio.

David is a results-oriented coach. He incorporates swing essentials, golf biomechanics and game strategies into his teaching. He has developed progressive training programs for men and women of all abilities and has created introductory and high-performance programs for juniors. He brings a wealth of knowledge to his students and is able to communicate that knowledge in a simplistic manner while assisting them to achieve their goals.

It is quite apparent that David loves teaching golf and seeing his students succeed. David provides golf lessons and golf instruction that is tailored to your personal needs. He is committed to providing a positive learning experience for all students. while improving all aspects of your game. Students will welcome David’s warm personality and passion for the game of golf.

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Nicolas P



 David provides simple, easy to understand instruction that is suitable for golfers of all skill levels. He is able to break down concepts an explain them using terminology anyone can understand. His ability to analyze a swing and come up with a step by step plan to improve is exceptional. If a concept/swing thought is not working he is able to pivot to a new train of thought to keep his students on track. He will re-introduce concepts over time to ensure you do not forget the basics and hold you accountable for putting in the work on your own time. If you commit to David and his program you will get the results you are looking for.

Isaac B



Prior to working with David Fritz, my handicap was 38. I now have a 16 handicap thanks to David. He is a great instructor and I enjoy working with him to help improve my game. My son is now a student of David and he has drastically improved over the past year. Thanks David for your great attention to detail, for your dedication to your students and to the game of golf!

Adriano B



David's ability to dissect the swing and suggest drills that lead to marketable improvements is a huge strength in his teaching ability. He has a way of making students feel at ease and is very friendly and approachable. I've never felt so confident with my swing and I'm always looking forward to the next lesson, I highly recommended him!

Eddie G



Eddie has been training with David for almost 6 years. His instruction is clear with good results and full of fun.  

Imrat S



Excellent for developing golfer and great at technical aspects of game.

Stuart C



Amazing, patient and extremely knowledgeable. So impressed