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My name is Earl Gerlach and I am the Director of Instruction at the Collindale Golf Academy in Fort Collins, CO. Growing up in the southeast, golf was always a big part of his life. From playing all the way from juniors through college at D1 Bradley University, to working at a golf course every step of the way golf has always been a huge part of my life!

“After watching thousands of people play golf and analyzing their swings, I have realized there is a million different ways to swing the golf club. With a focus on fundamentals, I’m dedicated to informing you about the swing, and about simple methods to help you achieve better scores! I can’t wait to meet you!”

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Adam D 8.2 Handicap



 I have tried 6 different golf instructors in Northern Colorado before I started working with Earl. He is by far my favorite golf instructor I've ever had the pleasure of working with. I have been doing a long term plan with Earl and my favorite part was our first lesson we didn't even swing the club (per my request) and instead we talked about our long term goals, what a typical round looked like for me etc. Since then we have done a multitude of drills, talked through what I should be feeling, and have used a wide range of equipment from video, to a harness system to feel a better turn, and even basic aim stick drills. I've never felt more confident that my swing is finally going in the right direction and am confident about my setup, backswing and finish. You will not regret spending some time with the Earl of Golf!

Joe S 15 Handicap



I'm still beaming from our session a few days ago! Being a full time teacher myself, I was beyond impressed with Earl's ability to connect to my specific needs, quickly understand my mind and body, and offer clear direction that would take me to a new level in my swing and game. Earl knew how to see my swing as unique and worked to modify it according to my desires and skill level. He gave me helpful tools that I could practice on my own. I'm truly excited by the productive work I can now do on my swing, confident in knowing I am practicing good habits on the range or course! What I most enjoyed about Earl was his willingness to be clear with his instruction and to do it in a way that made a lasting impact. He was speaking to reach my mind and body and, now just a few days later, I can still hear his wisdom tossing around in my mind. His love for the game and teaching is second to none. Book a lesson now! Don't wait!