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Eli Haskell

  •    (4.9)

I proudly hail from Glenwood Springs Colorado, and have nearly 20 years of golf coaching experience working with golfers from beginners to professionals. I earned my undergraduate degree from The Colorado College, and a Masters degree in Physical Therapy from Eastern Washington University. This extensive background has enabled me to become a specialist in golf biomechanics and an expert at correctly identifying each student’s physical makeup pertaining to the golf swing. 

           My experience with golfers has taught me that everyone has different swing concepts, as well as, physical and mental abilities.  I will never teach one ‘ideal’ swing method or way to play.  Instead, I listen, observe, and ask questions first, in a detailed initial consultation and evaluation of your goals and desires.   My objective is to mold and develop what each golfer brings to the table, in order to help them achieve their best results.  

At the core of my teaching philosophy is a sincere coaching and mentoring attitude toward the development of golfers. I often say, ‘this is not a dictatorship.  Your input, opinions, and experiences, help me shape how I teach you.’  I firmly believe this!  In the end, together, we create an ever evolving and growing relationship between student and instructor.






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    Eli Haskell Golf

    2101 W. Oxford Ave
    Englewood, Colorado 80110,
    United States (US)




    Lesson Rates

    Adult Private 55 min Lesson $105

    Junior 55 min Lesson $80

    Adult 30 min Lesson $65

    Junior 30 min Lesson $50

    Club fit $60

    Series of 10 hours $795

    Series of 5 hours $440

    Series of 3 hours $280

    Remote coaching video analyis $40

    1 hour group of 3 or 4 $45 per person

    2 hour group of 3 or 4 $85 per person

    9 hole playing lesson $250

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  • Ben W 16 Handicap



    My son and myself have been with Eli for several years (6?). My son is now 17 and hoping to make state as a senior. Eli has been the perfect instructor. He knows how to work with young people like a coach. He is always calm and understanding but can be firm when needed with hard headed teens. My son loves him and how far he has brought him. He always wants to go to lessons and feels like he learned something afterwards.

    Eli has also helped me rework my swing from the base up to improve my overall game. He is simply a great guy and great coach. 

  • Peter S 12 Handicap



     I have been working with Eli now for 18 months and he has helped me trim almost 10 strokes off my handicap. He is insightful, knowledgeable, easy to work with and most of all listens. He works hard in working with you and what you bring to the game; which he then tries to improve upon based on your goals. He is a must if you want to take your game to the next level.

  • Matt F 22 Handicap



     Eli is an exceptional teacher. Instead of jamming "his way" down your throat, he's all about making it work for you and your individual game and starting from the ground up. No ego here. Very experienced and personable, highly recommend

  • Roger C 15 Handicap



    Easily better than any "local" instructor I have ever seen and equal to the best of the higher dollar instructors I have worked with at prestige golf schools.