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Trackman Level 2 Certified

TPI Level 2 Golf, Junior & Power Certified

Currently doing James Ridyards WedgeMatrix Certification

Whether you are a 10 handicap trying to lower your scores or an elite player trying to take your game to the next level, using my modern coaching philosophy, enhanced by TPI, I can get you achieving your golfing goals.

Here’s what we will do:

1. Before picking up a club, time will be spent understanding your golf and medical history. Screenings will be used to evaluate your body’s strengths and limitations.
2. Every aspect of your game will be evaluated. This includes technique, the mental game, course management, equipment, short game, putting and statistical analysis.
3. We will find and build the most efficient swing for your body.
4. You will be taught around physical limitations to prevent injuries and elongate your playing career.
5. We will develop simple and easy to understand training plans to get you reaching your goals and maximising your return on investment (ROI). Your ROI is not just money, it’s your time.
6. We will build a team to accelerate your golfing development.
7. There will be easy communication lines so you can reach me at any time or place.

What I won’t do:

1. Have a 1 size fits all swing approach.
2. 1 hour lessons beating balls on the range with no purpose.
3. Only working on the long game and no other aspect.
4. Use old golfing philosophies that are set in stone and won’t be adapted.

Golf is a lot more than a swing. My philosophy is to uncover every 1%. Course management, training routines, fitness plans, the mental game are a few aspects that every top player works on daily, yet most golfers aren’t taught how to develop these areas. As a player, I struggled with injuries because I wasn’t taught to swing the club in an efficient way for my body. As a coach, my mission is to find the most efficient swing for your body. Using my knowledge and practices of TPI, I can get you reaching the highest levels of your playing potential pain-free.

Email me for enquiries over virtual screens and lessons.

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Giles's Perks

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