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3rd Generation Golf offers instruction for golfers of all levels. Our golfers have the flexibility of booking single lessons or a package of lessons at a discounted rate


“3rd Generation Golf has improved my game tremendously! They taught me everything that I needed to know about the game. He is extremely patient with me, and everything that he told me to do has worked. I can hit fairways consistently with my driver because of his lessons. I’m looking forward to continued improvement!!!”
Joseph George

Author (Desert Storm: Dreadnought), Veteran – 2 years golf experience



“I played college golf and had a pretty successful golf career, I left the game and took it up again but have since played infrequently. I recently got excited about the game again, but have been “scuffling” with my Irons, in my effort to get back to a single-digit handicap at age 66. I went to James for some professional help. He immediately helped me eliminate a move in my downswing that was affecting my balance, and gave me some tips on ball position that have helped me strike the ball more solidly with my Irons. He was very encouraging — something all of us need!”
Dan Gibson
All-Navy Golfer, Former PGA teaching pro – 55 years golf experience


“James is very easy to work with. He gets the points across in a very understandable way. I learn a lot from James and he’s helped me out a lot. I recommend getting lessons from him.”
Corey Zamrik
High School Golfer – 6 handicap

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