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Kyle Pecka is a PGA Associate, Golf Fitness Instructor, and Club Fitter. His passion for golf stretches to all aspects of the game including playing, training and competing, golf course architecture, and golf equipment from vintage hickories to the latest and greatest.

As a graduate from Western Michigan University, Kyle began working in the fitness industry as a personal trainer, but golf always remained a big part of his life. When an opportunity arose to apply his fitness background to golf he immediately took advantage. He is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Golf Fitness Specialist, Performance Enhancement Specialist, and TPI Certified Instructor. In addition he is a Level 2 PGA Associate working his way towards Class A membership. As a golfer himself, Kyle recognizes the importance of physical fitness and believes that getting stronger is the best way to help people play pain free, hit it farther, feel less fatigued, and enjoy the game more. He also believes that the better prepared the body is, the easier it will be to learn new motor patterns or techniques, and perform how a player wants, especially under pressure situations on the golf course.

Kyle is the lead club fitter at SMART Golf & Fitness Instruction. His knowledge of how the golf swing works in relation to the equipment in the player’s hands helps him ensure that each player will love the clubs they get fitted into. His desire for more knowledge about equipment past and present helps him stay ahead of the curve when it comes to new releases and finding the right fit for each player.

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